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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Neverland Girl

I know I always talk about how awesome my family is, but I just can't help myself when that's the truth! In my criminal justice class we were learning about juvenile violence, and each of us had to share our "family story," because most juvenile violence begins in the home! So when it got to me, I said it how it is! I said, "I don't mean to brag, but my family is freaking awesome. Growing up was the best. Being the youngest I got to watch what the older siblings did, and then I didn't do the things that they got in trouble for, so I had it pretty chill. My siblings are my closest friends, and I can sit and talk to my parents about anything." At this point, my teacher is pacing at the front of the classroom because he cannot believe what he is hearing! A girl actually LIKES her family!? I then went on to explain that I never really had a curfew, and even in middle school, yes, middle school, I was still close to my parents. Now my family is closer than ever, and I hope my kids are lucky enough to be raised the way I was. My teacher LOST IT! He was like, "Are they going to do a reality show about your family because they're so perfect?!" I said yes. And it would get some awesome ratings. But I really do have an amazing family! Not one of the things I said was a lie, and I am so grateful for the awesome family I have, and the fun times we have together! A couple classes later my teacher stopped me and said, "Hey, Neverland girl, I call you that because you come from a family that shouldn't exist. One day I hope my kids will talk about me and my wife the way you talk about your parents." Can you say A+ in criminal justice!? Because I can! "A+ in CRIMINAL JUSTICE!!!" I just adore my family, and I hope they know that! If not...then I don't know how else to get it through their heads. So...ya.

Finals week is upon the UVU campus, and it is quite the uproar! Everywhere I look people are cramming last minute for a test, or quickly writing a paper, or looking like they've just seen a zombie. I'm feeling pretty good about finals! I feel like I worked hard this semester, and finals will just be another test! Which they are, so that makes perfect sense to think that way! The only one I'm slightly freaking out about is biology. That's all I will say on that subject. I cannot believe I'm almost done with my first semester of college! It has been one roller coaster ride!! I've gone from wanting to drop out of school and moving home to never wanting to leave!! It is so fun! I love finally studying what I have always wanted to study! It literally is a dream come true! I love my cute roommates!! We have the coolest apartment EVER with our fat Christmas tree and our little tree on the TV! I was very blessed when it came to my roommates, because we all get along really well. I'd like to keep them for awhile! I've also been very blessed with the other people I have met here at college. I have never laughed so hard, or so often in my life! I am one blessed girl to have the life I have, because I am so happy!! College is so great! I am so excited to see where these next few months will take me as I finish out the rest of the year! Surprises around every corner, I am sure! :)

I've been thinking a lot about the people who have touched my life, and I wish I could sit and name everyone, but lately I've been thinking about my amazing SBO friends and madrigals! I hope all y'all know how much I love you, and I miss you!!! I miss the influence of so many incredible individuals! I was so lucky to know each and every one of you, and I love that I got to spend a year of my life with you! College is great and all, but I do miss the "family" I had within each group. I love you guys!

Can I also say how cool my Dad is!? He's the bomb! For those of you who don't know him, get to know him. It'll be one of those moments when you'll say, "How have I lived before I knew Kevin!? Because he's so great!!" I give him a hard time, and I'm a typical girl and I whine and get moody, but I hope he knows how much I love him! He is a shining example to me, and one day I hope to be as influencial as he is. I love ya Dad!

Saturday was officially my, "Let's see how many times Katie can look like an idiot" day. It was wonderful. It started off when I went fencing with some friends from my ward. I was picking the sport up pretty quick! I was easily achieving the main goal; don't get stabbed. So no injuries were occuring! Then my shoes decided to stick to the floor, and I stumbled a solid 10 feet into the wall behind me. Kinda hurt. I was laughing hysterically! But none of the other people were. They thought my ankle was broken, or my wrist was broken, but I was totally fine!! The fact that they wouldn't laugh about it was making it worse! Anyways. So there's that story. Then I decided to go for a run on the treadmill at my apartment complex. Well in the middle of my run I had to pee, so being the Super Woman that I am, I decide I'll just jump off the moving treadmill. Even writing this makes me so embarrassed for myself. I stumble off the treadmill, and do one of those run/fall things where you trip but you just keep going and you don't actually fall but you look super special. So that was a fun Saturday! Rather eventful! Lesson learned - Don't wear shoes that will stick when you go fencing, and push the stop button on the treadmill.

Anyways, my wild mind has finally calmed down since I got all those random thoughts spilled out into the endless internet universe. I hope the Christmas Spirit is upon all, now let's add some snow so I can make a snow man and go sledding.


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  1. I wuv you oh so very much! Your special moments make me giggle because I just remember all of your other ones... like on tour... when you fell down the stairs!!!! BAHAHAHHA!!!! I really do wish we had a recording of that one. Also, I love your family very much. They are indeed wonderful people and I have been blessed to know them. I wuv you!