It's kind of a big deal...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

.64 Carats.

My boyfriend loves me. Enough to ask me to marry him. WHAT!?! And I said yes! Woo hoo! And I know the next question besides, "CAN I SEE YOUR RING!?" is, "How did he propose!?" So I thought I would share the story here!

It was on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012. The weather was almost TOO perfect! Beautiful blue skies, a light breeze, ok enough. Phil and I had just finished at a lacrosse game for the team he coaches, (WHICH THEY WON!! GOOD DAY FOR PHIL!) and we were supposed to go meet his brother and sister-in-law for dinner. Phil got in the car and said, "Hey let's go for a walk or something." I said no because time was running out and we needed to get downtown! He then said he needed to blow off some steam and just go for a walk! I said, "Phil, just blow off steam in the car! LET'S GO!!" Then he said we'd just be a little bit so I agreed. He took me to a little park in Herriman that had a cute little pond with nice rocks all around it, and then a trail that went down a hill that looked like a good place for rapists to hang out. So he decided to take me down that creepy trail. Looking back now, I guess he acted a little jittery, but he didn't ever act nervous, so I really did not expect ANYTHING! I had no clue he had a ring in his pocket! Anyways! So we walked down this little trail and he kept trying to put my hand in his coat pocket, but I kept pulling it away and finally turned and said, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" And he grabbed both my hands and put them in his coat pocket and said, "Just...rub my belly!" (Inside joke!) That was when I felt THE BOX. Inside I was freaking out! I just wanted to pull it out and put that ring on my finger! I did not even think it was real!! But I asked him, "Philip, what is this? And if they're earrings, I'm going to be so mad!!" He started laughing and then walked a little way further and got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!! I was laughing I was so nervous and excited, and he said, "KATIE! I'm trying to be serious! You need to be serious too!" I said I was being serious. Then he really asked me and I said yes and he hugged me and kissed me and then we were talking and I realized I still hadn't seen the ring! So I said, "Um...can I have the ring now!" He said, "Ya I was waiting for you to ask!"  Then we walked back up the little trail, but I of course had to hold hands with my right hand so I could admire the pretty ring!

When we got back in the car he told me we were meeting up with my family around 9:30 that night; he had already set it up. So I didn't bother texting them and we headed down to City Creek to meet up with his brother and sister-in-law. When we got there we walked around for a minute and then ran into his dad and little brother! They said they were going to dinner at Cheese Cake Factory! Weird...Phil and I were going to Cheese Cake Factory! He had invited his whole family! I was really excited because I wanted to talk to them about EVERYTHING!! When we met up with his family and started talking, Phil leaned over and said, "You should go talk to those people!" I looked over and my brother Matt, my Dad, my Mom and my niece and nephew were sitting on a bench! WHAT!? This night just kept getting better! Then the rest of my family showed up!! Am I not marrying the best man on the planet!? He had sent out emails to all of my family and all of his family so we could all have dinner together!! Seriously I wanted to cry! The proposal and the ring were WONDERFUL, but having both our families together for the occasion just made everything PERFECT!

My ring is BEAUTIFUL. My sister and I had gone shopping and found it at Shane Co. Of course I was in love with it! It's a pear shaped diamond with a band that has cool engaving stuff in it. It's so shiny! I don't think I have stopped looking at my hand today! It's amazing how much more beautiful a ring is when it fits! I love it!

I am such a lucky girl! Phil is such a wonderful man who fits in with my family so well! I am very lucky to be marrying into a family like his! They have always treated me so well, and I look forward to getting to know each of them better and spending lots of time with them! I know I will always be surrounded by people who care about me!

August 21st will be a big day! I'm so excited to get planning and going on everything! Life is wonderful! I have my Prince Philip, a beautiful diamond ring, and an eternity to look forward to :)



  1. katie!!! this makes me so excited for you!! oh how i love engagement stories:)

  2. I threw up a little in my mouth as I read this.

    JK... Love you tons and am so proud of you!

  3. sooooo cute!!!! I'm so excited for you lady!!!
    Katie Squared forever!!!! ha ha!

  4. I am so happy that two of my best friends are getting married!!! I love this and you guys so much!

  5. Beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you Katie!!!!!!!!

  6. Katie, you know if you ever fall into a deep sleep you have your Prince Philip to give you the "true love's kiss." How convenient. :) WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. You fit in perfectly here, too! xoxoxMD

  7. Bung ung!!!!! Not to be creepy or anything but your wedding is allllllll I've been thinking about lately..... I'm so happy for you!!,!