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Monday, February 10, 2014

Setting Goals

I feel like I repeat myself over and over on my blog. I WILL BE BETTER!! It's true though. I set a New Year's Resolution to better document my life - whether that be in a journal or on my blog! Let's start with a few thoughts I have had lately.

*The Olympics. My favorite two weeks every two years. I watch them and I am just amazed by what humans can do!! We sure are amazing creations!! The ski jumping really gets me! Those people FLY!!! And the new slope-style snowboarding is SO RAD! My favorite event has always been the skeleton. Phil told me he would sign me up for skeleton lessons at the Olympic park in Park City! I cannot begin to express what a dream come true this is!! I have wanted to try the skeleton since they introduced it in the Salt Lake Olympics! I'm almost in tears as I write this. Seriously.

*On the topic of the Olympics. Bob Costas is the bomb, and I feel bad that his eyes look like he has had a little too much "fun" up there in Sochi.

*So I go to India in two months. TWO MONTHS. I almost can't handle my excitement! The 48 hours of traveling, germs, dirt, no showers, freaking stupid curry, no toilet paper, no cellphone, boogers, bottled water, no sleep, another 48 hours back. Who wouldn't be excited!? I also get to see the most amazing children on the face of this planet. I am very excited to breathe in that sweet...dirty...Indian air, and wrap my arms around the children who change our lives just as much as we change theirs. Boom.

*I'm up to about 30 man push-ups...on a good day.

*I'm reading "The Book Thief." Sometimes it just feels good to find a book that you cannot put down! Speaking of books, if any of you readers out there have recommendations for books I could read for my 48 hours of travel to India, please comment below! I'm looking for good ones!

*ha, 48 hours to India. Like a crime scene investigation!

*For one of my classes we have to volunteer with special needs people. I have been volunteering at Westvale Elementary in their resource department. WHY MUST I FALL IN LOVE WITH THOSE CHILDREN!?! They are simply wonderful, and so funny! One little boy walked in the other day and said, "Oh it's HER!!!" It made me laugh really hard. They have such special little spirits that I cannot seem to get enough of.

*TWO KOREANS JUST CRASHED TOGETHER ON SPEED SKATING. If I were them...I would take refuge in Russia...

Ok, onto bigger and better things. A RECIPE!! This week we tried Bruschetta Chicken and boy was it scrumptious! You can find the recipe here - 

I gotta say...I HATE tomatoes, and I was actually willing to eat this recipe! In fact, we are making it for dinner this Sunday. The best part is the baguette with the melted butter...HOLLLLYYYY CRRRAAAAPPPPP. So good.'s super good for you!! So BONUS!! Sorry for my lack of photos. I'll work on that too. :)

All is well at the Dunn's! Until next time!


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