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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I got the "blogger bug..."

You know when you just get sick of studying, working, and going to school and you just need something new and different? Well I figured since I like reading other people's blogs so much, I would start one of my own! A blog full of stories, quotes, songs, and just random thoughts I seem to be having! What I'm trying to say is, my blog will be my place to rant! Woo hoo!

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I am an 18 (soon to be 19) year old college freshmen, majoring in criminal justice. Yes I only weigh 100 pounds, and I do get many comments like, "Criminal justice!? I never would've put you in that major!" Well of course you wouldn't! I couldn't take down a grown man if I jumped off the roof onto his back! (I would just get a funny piggy-back!) But growing up with a father in law enforcement, I have always had a fascination with police work! I always loved going to work with him, (Even if it was just to draw on the big white board in his office!) and I thought the whole uniform with the gun, and the badge, and the handcuffs was just the COOLEST thing ever! I loved hearing all his crazy stories, but I also knew his job was not all fun and games. A lot of it was paperwork and sitting in a car just WAITING for someone to speed by. I have a "realistic" approach to law enforcement, rather than thinking it will all be shooting, tazering, and handcuffing every day of my life. When I was 16 I had the opportunity to attend the FBI National Academy Youth Leadership program in Quantico, Virginia. It was a leadership conference that focused specifically on leadership in law enforcement, with special classes in subjects like juvenille violence, and the Constitution. I basically spent a week in college-like classes, "majoring" in law enforcement and leadership! I. FELL. IN. LOVE. I sat in those classes and just soaked everything in like a huge sponge! At the end of the week I asked myself why I wouldn't go into criminal justice! I adored it! So, here I am! Doing push-ups every night, and enjoying every second of my criminal justice class in school. I aspire to work with the K-9 unit, seeing as I need something large and scary to help me take the bad guy down. Maybe we'll jump off the roof together, the dog and I.

My blog is named after a song by the very talented Dave Matthews. It is off his album "Big Whiskey and the Gru Grux King." The title of course, is "Funny the Way It Is." The thing I like about Dave Matthews, is he puts absolutely BRILLIANT lyrics, with UNREAL music that just makes you want to JAM! Most of the time, I do not even notice the significance of the lyrics until I sit down and listen. "Funny the Way It Is" talks all about the irony of the world. How "one kid walks 10 miles to school, while another's dropping out," or "someone's broken heart becomes your favorite song." It really gets my mind thinking, and sort of puts into perspective what should be of importance and priorities in all of our lives. I highly recommend it. I actually highly recommend any Dave. I don't know if I should publish this or not...but I will because I'm Katie and say whatever I want. Davegasim. That's what'll happen when you just close your eyes and bask in the Dave goodness. Anyways...

Back to my life. I work at a local rec center as a lifeguard! I have worked there for 3 years, and made one rescue for every year that I've been there. Nothing too eventful, just things like a kid went down the slide and could not touch the bottom or swim, so in I went! It's pretty rewarding when things like that happen, but sadly it's only happened 3 times. So for the most part my job consists of me sitting there watching a pool. And I get paid for it. I'll take it.

I love to sing and play the piano. I sing in the car, in the shower, down the halls, in my room, just everywhere! I LOVE it! I love performing and being on stage. As strange as it sounds, acting is where I find myself being the! I just love being in front of people, and especially making them laugh! A good joke can take one so far! (That should be in the bible.) Piano is my way of blowing off steam. I prefer some good Josh Groban. Ahhhhh that man. I'm pretty sure a Joshgasim exists too. He is so freaking wonderful. Oh, and so is his music.

I suppose I should get some sleep, considering I am a crazy college student that needs to study and all that jazz. This whole blog thing is fun! I'll keep it up, PROMISE!


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