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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ode to the Siblings!

So this isn't really an "ode." I won't be making up some clever poem to tell the world about my siblings. Being in college you really start to appreciate your family! (Mom and Dad, an "ode" is coming for you soon! ;) ) So, I thought I would tell you about my totally awesome siblings!

My brother Matt and I are twins. Physically, we both turn sideways and disappear, and we act and talk a lot a like! He's always been the "awesome oldest brother!" Matt has always been a good example of how to be socially. He's the most open, easy to talk to person I have ever met! When we get together, it's just chaos. You see, we talk in movie quotes. Oh, and The Office. He and I do share a love of The Office, and often quote it. (MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!) Sometimes we're kind of obnoxious to be around, because people don't know what we're talking about because it's all movie quotes! But it's usually funny, so....ya! We have a very chill relationship; we make fun of each other all the time, but we both know we love each other SO much so it's ok! Matt and I also share a love of reading. When we were younger we would have "read-a-thons" in his room, and stay up all night reading and eating popcorn! I just LOVED that! We are both history lovers, and would talk about all the different Presidents of the US. (Taft was our favorite!) Matt is just awesome. He still is an excellent example to me, and I talk to him all the time on the phone while I'm down here at school. Love ya!

Mallory. What would I do or where would I be without the GREATEST sister on the planet, Mallory. I don't think she realizes how much I appreciate her and NEED her!! Being the only other girl sibling, she is quite simply "my sister," and I love it! Her and I have had SO much fun! We both shared an 'NSYNC obsession. She loved JC, I loved Chris. We used to make up dances to songs like, "If my sister's in trouble." (It was the coolest dance EVER!) Our favorite song is "Together Again" by Janet Jackson. Listen to it. It's awesome. We just have tons of fun memories! We also used to have sleep overs! She would sleep with her feet by my head, and I would end up kicking her in the head all night. Sorry! Love ya! She is AWESOME. She's such a hard worker, and even with her busy schedule, she finds time to talk to her crazy little sister! I go to her for everything! I'll call to just vent, or she'll talk me through boy problems, school problems, just EVERYTHING! I was the first to know she was pregnant, so I think we have a pretty tight relationship. ;) Mallory is just awesome, and is so friendly, and has the funniest laugh on the planet. She does my toenails and my hair and buys me stuff and I just LOVE HER! Everyone should wish they have a sister like her. I'm lucky enough to have one already!

Joshua. JOSHWAAAAA!! Josh is the funniest, but best "older" brother on the planet. He is my best friend! (But so are Mallory and Matt, so it's ok!) Josh and I never did cute little sleepovers when we were younger. We fought! We were typical siblings! But then something happened, I guess we both grew up or something, and one day we were friends! He was a senior when I was a sophomore, and I don't think I would've gotten through that first year without him! I hung out with him and all his friends! He was the coolest older brother, and some of his friends would ask if it was really ok that I hung out with them, but he always stuck up for me and would say, "Ya of course! She's pretty cool!" It was great! He always called me weird nick names though. For some reason "Chica" became the name of choice. Pretty soon ALL his friends would call me Chica. I never understood why that was the name he picked, but whatev. His friends liked ticking him off by saying how "hot" I was. The lacrosse team was the WORST! They would have cheers and say things like, "Katie on 3, 1 2 3 KATIE!" He would get SOOO mad! But it just showed his love for me. :) Josh also did the typical "older brother has to approve of all guys you date," deal. He only ended up approving of one. And I don't think that person even knows who they are! Oh well! Josh and I had many late night talks in my room. We would talk about school, or the future, or girls and guys or just anything. He ALWAYS encouraged me to go for my dreams. If there is one word I would associate with Josh, it would be a dreamer. Either he would be off in his own dreamland and you wouldn't know what in the world he was talking about or doing, or he would encourage others to go for their dreams. I don't think I would be where I am, majoring in criminal justice at UVU, if it wasn't for the talks we had. He's on his mission now, and I keep telling him to throw himself in front of a car so he gets hurt and has to come home. I MISS HIM SO MUCH! But I also know he's helping others, and doing something he loves, so I guess it's ok that he stays. :) Josh is just the coolest, and I love him!

Those are my siblings! We are the bestest of friends! We have so much fun together, and I am the luckiest girl on the planet to have friends like them. Thanks cuties! Love you all! 

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  1. Aww Nana I love you so much and just miss you terribly I just - FALSE! I do not miss you. I'm very grateful to have a "twin" in my life who I can talk to about anything and who shares the same interests as me. I'm so proud of the young lady you are, and infinitely grateful to call you my sister.