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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Day in the Life of a College Student!

Let's give you a run down of my daily life...shall we? Yes.

I wake up between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. You know that feeling when you wake up and feel like you've been hit head-on by a train? For some reason I feel that way EVERY MORNING! Surprising as this may sound, I don't do the typical, "I'm in college so let's stay up as late as we can and fall into a Mountain Dew induced coma." No. So not me. I love Mountain Dew, but not to a deadly point. The other night I fell asleep at 8:30 and my roommates thought I had died! No worries girls, I'm just sound asleep. After I get up, I grab myself a bowl of "Ohs" and read my scriptures while I eat. AWESOME strategy there! Then it's onto studying. Generally I fit in about an hour. I love much...NOT! It's awful. Studying makes me want to pull my brains out my ears! But I do it anyways because I need to be smart! Then it's off to the gym! I try to get a hard core workout before I go to school and get an even more hard core workout. There's this hill right in front of my apartment that I have named Hell Hill. It is awful! It's a pretty gradual incline, but it's really long, (That's what she said) and then at the top it just goes insanely steep! (That's really what she said.) Then I go home and shower for school so I don't smell like zombies. Then I catch the bus at 11:39. Party time.

Once I get to school I dash to institute! My teacher is pretty rad. He always talks in a weird New England accent. (I pay with my VISER card) But it's a good way to start my school day. I am officially our class' pianist. My teacher even calls me adorable for it :) After institute I run up yet another hill to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It's pretty....Ok. I don't mind it. I've learned somethings, but for the most part it's just a class I had to take. Nothing too special. My teacher has a really dry sense of humor, which is awesome for how old she is! Then I run downstairs to biology, which is the farthest thing from exciting. Picture this. 100+ college-age students staring blankly at a screen for 50 minutes. Talk about a time to people watch! I find the most interesting times to watch people are when they're bored out of their minds! Because they start doing the strangest things! The other day this guy was totally nodding off and his head was just like a bobble head! Hilarious! Some people doodle, some pick their noses, some eat food, some text, some probably look up porn, and some just sleep. It's true entertainment. My teacher is a very large man who says he is the perfect weight (about 300 lbs) just not for his height. Ya, I bet you laughed about as hard as I did when he said that. Which means you didn't laugh. Ethics and Values is my next class. Talk about just....a hidden treasure! NO WAY! It's a booby trap! The only hidden treasure about that class is the fact that I get WiFi so I can play Words with Friends! My teacher is a character though! He's a total hippie man. Toe rings, pinky rings, long white hair and beard. Awesome guy. Boring subject. I feel like philosophers just want to make things a lot more difficult than they already are. They just wake up one day and say, "You know, no one's started an uproar about how knuckle cracking relates to puppies that relate to your inner self and who you really why don't I start one!?" It's just some ridiculous stuff. But some people really enjoy it! Cudos to you! I don't. Then...the best class of the day. CRIMINAL JUSTICE!!! The class has quite the variety. We have a little hoochie dresser who doesn't know the difference between a pair of panties and a pair of shorts, to a guy with only 4 fingers on his right hand! (How would that be to hold hands with him??) My teacher is just...scary. He's the most intimidating man on the planet. Former cop turned FBI agent. Legit man. But as I've gotten to know him I've found that he's actually REALLY funny! I'm a fan! The other day he told us not to do heroin because it will show up on our record. Quite the thing to say to a class of aspiring police officers!

Then I take the 4:59 bus home, where I usually collapse on the couch with a glass of juice and watch some "Say Yes to the Dress." It's my way of unwinding. Then I power up the computer, do some homework, and am in bed by 9. Speaking of which, it's 10 minutes to 9, so I should probably get going, as to stay on a schedule! That is the typical life of a college student! Obviously I didn't go into specific details, like how you'll find me eating in every single class because I'm so bored, or about how I have all my bathroom trips perfectly planned out so I'm never late to a class, oh and how I'm getting shin splints from the amount of running I do across campus. I'm awesome. Goodnight World. Thanks for being awesome. :)


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