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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let's talk about life!

Life is fun, isn't it? Sometimes we have the most random events that make life completely worth living! For instance, at the pool I work at there is a special needs man that comes in every Tuesday and tells me (and everyone else at the pool) that I have beautiful eyes. It absolutely MAKES MY DAY!!! He's the bomb! Another time at work my friend and I listened to Justin Bieber's christmas CD 4 times in a row. I repeat, 4 TIMES IN A ROW! It was the BEST! It's those little moments that make my life absolutely stellar.

Life is also rather full of surprises. I like to think I have my entire life planned. What kind of house I will have, the person I will be married to, my career, kids, everything. Then all the sudden we get a curve ball thrown at our faces and it all changes! Love comes into life when you least expect it, dreams get delayed, other dreams come true sooner than ever throught possible, and it just messes everything up! I am not saying these surprises are not completely welcome, but sometimes I wonder where it's all going to go. It's interesting to think of all the surprises that come at college, and wonder what is going to come next. My life was set until a couple weeks ago, now things seem to be changing. I want different things than I wanted before, and I am just stoked to find out what is going to happen! I am curious to know why I am going through certain things, positive or negative, and how they will affect me in the future! Ah I just gobble up this kind of stuff!!

Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my awesome sister Mallory, who has made my life a lot easier than it should of been. Mallory has always been the first one I go to when I need advice about anything. I have always valued her opinion, and it sucks when I let her down! Last night I was on a date and we had dinner at her house with her and her husband. As my she and my date sat and talked, I was just listening and realized how freaking cool she is!! She just has life "figured out!" She knows what should be important, and makes sure she is doing those things! I dont know how to describe her besides saying she is the probably the most well-rounded, beautiful human being I know. So Mal, I love ya! Thanks for being the coolest!

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