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Monday, January 23, 2012

This is about as exciting as watching mold grow.

I'm sitting in my criminal justice class, and I am BORED out of my MIND!!!! I LOVED criminal justice last semester, but this class, criminal law, is going to be the death of me. It's on Monday nights from 6-8:30, and sadly it's required for my degree so I just have to suck it up! Today my professor is teaching us how to look up cases in the back of the text book. "Thank you professor, I have gone through 13 years of school and I NEVER KNEW that that the little parentheses with numbers inside of them next to the case name in the back of the book meant the page number the case can be found on!" I'm paying thousands of dollars for this? Yes. Yes I am. And I paid hundreds of dollars for the textbook he's teaching me how to use. LOVE IT! I LOVE COLLEGE! Actually I do love college! It's so exciting! Today I was sitting in a chair in the hallway, just minding my own business, and all the sudden this man just ran into me! He almost knocked my computer off my lap! So I look up to see what the HAYELL just happened...he was blind! I felt so bad! Then I did the unthinkable at him...I SMILED AT HIM!! Like he could see that! Come on Katie! The least you could do is say, "Oh excuse me!" (In a friendly tone of course!) But no. Me being me, I smiled at him. Anyways. He didn't notice my stupidity, so it's OK.

Other exciting college happenings?
-My math teacher calling us kittens. "You have to drink the milk before I can give you the hard food." (Don't ask me how she tied this in...)
-Staying up till midnight cleaning the stove
-Borrowing 2 cups of milk from your neighbor so you can make the hamburger helper you've been CRAVING!!!
-3 words. Chocolate in church.
-4 words. Once upon a Time. (WATCH IT! Sundays at 7)
-Applying for a housekeeping job and having it turn into a potential headline making story when I am kidnapped by the creepy man who posted it. NEVER MIND THAT ONE!!!
-Yogurtland for dinner...2 nights a week.
- Sock monkey hats in criminal justice
- Talking accidentally shooting a man who is dressed up as a deer during hunting season

Ya. It's the life! The random things that happen at college! It's definitely the life here! And I think I will start posting some pictures of the random things me and my cute roomie Kirsten do! Food, vacations, etc! My blog does need some spicing up!

Oh, and let's share the most recent music love. I went to the Zac Brown Band concert, and one of his opening acts was a lady named Sonia Leigh. She was the BOMB!! Oh she had this raspy...Pat Benetar sound to her, but country! I met her afterwards and bought her CD, and she was so cool! Go look up some of her stuff on iTunes. You will LOVE IT! "And hearts get broken all the time, but please don't let that be me!" Oh it's a fun one! All her stuff is super fun!

Our most recent adventure at the cabin...

 And...Harland and I dressed up as Elves...

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