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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wash, rinse, repeat, and everything in between.

I feel as though my life is just on constant rrreeeppppeeeaaatt. On Monday and Wednesday I wake up at 7:30, earn my eternal points and read scriptures, eat a bowl of cinnamon Life, shower, never shave my legs, put on my makeup, do my hair, and go to school. I get home from school and I eat another bowl of cinnamon Life, never shave my legs, do homework, talk to Kirsten, lay on the couch and watch Chopped, wash my face, brush my teeth, say my prayers, and go to bed. On Tuesday and Thursday I wake up at 5, brush my teeth, and go to work. At work I talk to the same two people - Victor and Gene - and then I leave at 1. I do my homework, watch Chopped, sometimes not do my homework, still don't shave my legs, wash my face, and go to bed. Fridays I spice things up. I wake up at 7:30, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on make up and a hat, and go to Institute where I am talked to by a man who sounds like Kermit the Frog and tells me I need to read the Old Testiment. I then go to class, go home and NAP. Saturdays I clean and do homework, and I know you wanted to hear this, on Sundays...I SHAVE MY LEGS.( I had to put all of the leg shaving stuff in because the boyfriend gives me a hard time. Come on girls, in the winter you just don't shave! Amen? Amen.) On top of that constant repeat, I try to hang out with the bestie Kirsten, and the man of my dreams! It's a vicious cycle, this whole "college life" thing. I have been thinking about it, and I definitely need to crank it up a notch! So what do I do to crank it up?

- I sleep in till 9:30 on Saturdays
- I see how many push ups I can do (We're up to 30!)
- Kirsten and I watch movies about police officers - She bawls through the whole thing
- Kirsten and I talk about Honeymoons. I want Disneyland, she wants a tree house.
- I park my car as far from the school as possible just so I can take a walk in the lovely weather!
- I wash my sheets and try to make my bed as professional as possible.
- I online shop for stuff I will never be able to afford
- I watch Taylor Swift music videos
- I Facebook stalk
- I go tubing at Soldier Hollow and laugh like a hyena the whole. way. down.
- I surprise my man with Zack Brown Band tickets
- We dress up as cowboys for the Zack Brown Band
- I discover a new artist - Sonia Leigh - I now have a secret woman crush on her totally butch attitude.
- I make him surprise me with tickets to Hale Center's "Zorro." :)
- I come up with names for Kirsten's future spawn. So far I just have the general idea that they will be heathen children because she wants to raise them in the same woods she honeymoon's in. Long story.

I find it's the simple things that add the excitement to an otherwise very monotonous routine! (Except Zack Brown Band. Those tickets were not simple. But they were very worth it!) Kirsten and I also like to try new places to sleep. Last weekend we pushed the couches together to create "kissing couches." No kissing actually happens on the couches, it's just the idea that the couches are kissing! Come on! So we made basically a nest out of the couches, and watched 27 Dresses. Pretty sure we both made it about a minute and half into the movie and we were both OUT due to the extreme comfort of kissing couches. My creepy sleep stalking also provided entertainment for Kirsten when I managed to find her in my sleep, rub her face, and roll back over. No big deal. We're the coolest roomies ever.

I've also had a recent obsession with reading other people's blogs ( cough Deanna cough Kaitlyn cough Sara ) Oh they just bring joy to my life because I try to improve mine! They then bring less joy to my life because I am officially an hour behind on math because I read their blogs now I need to update mine! STOP THE MADNESS!!

Today my childhood was ripped from my soul. I was watching Seasame Street with my nephew Thacker, and everything was fine until it turned all cartoony-weird! WHERE DID THE PUPPETS GO!? Don't worry, they aren't even on half of it anymore! It's all this weird animation! Did all puppeters in the US lose their talent so no one can work for Seasame Street? Seriously, I might have a new profession. I'm going to take over Seasame Street and return it back to it's former glory.

While on the subject of Thacker, might I just give a holla to the niece and nephews. Cutest effing kids. Jack, Lily, and Thacker - You are the light of my life, the peanut butter to my jelly, the polish to my toe nails, the chocolate to my milk, and the Batman to my obsession. I LOVE YOU KIDS!! Jack and Lily surprised me at my apartment the other day. (Well...Matt and Nikki surprised me. Jack and Lily did not walk to Orem.) Lily comes running in and goes, "Nana! I got a furry!" I was rather puzzled with this, so I said, "Lily, what did you get?" And she repeats, "NANA! I GOT A FURRY!" She then holds up one of the FAIRIES from Sleeping Beauty. (They stopped at the Disney Store.) Jack is just my little pal. Ever since I had the dream that he would be born with one arm I had a special connection with that child! We have fun! He "got a doofy at the store!" (Goofy of course.) And then there's my little Thack man. Oh that child's smile just warms my soul! I just wanna eat his cute little face!! He has the biggest smile I have ever seen! I have to give a shout out to Mal and AJ for creating one studly little man! Thanks!

 Don't you just want to take them home!? I do!

Well, I bid thee farewell.


  1. Dearest Katie. You are the bomb. Seriously. First of all you and your man are adorable. But he needs to realize that NO girl EVER shaves in winter. Heck, hes lucky that you do it every Sunday. I just pull on some tights or knee high boots and call it good. Also, your little nieces and nephews are thee most adorable kids!

  2. you are way too cute.

    and deanna is right, i NEVER SHAVE IN THE WINTER!

    by the way... are those 30 push up girl push ups or boy push ups?
    dang.. i gotta get started on those!