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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time to Change Things Up!

I figured since my last post was all about how my life is on constant repeat, I could take matters into my own hand and change things up!! Which I did! I gave my blog a face lift! And I'm very happy with it! I was sad to see the India background go, but this new one is fun! Opinions?

This is going to be a shorter post, but I can't help but mention the "V" word. That's right. VALENTINE'S DAY!!! This is the first time I have ever had an actualy Valentine, so it was pretty exciting! My day started with working, and then I went to the dentist! ZERO CAVITIES!! Woo hoo! My sister and her husband invited me and the Boyfriend over for dinner that night! We had roast and veggies and salad and rolls! For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries and mint chocolate chip cookies! MMMMMM!! It was absolutely delicious! I got the Boyfriend a whole basket of fun stuff! His main present was Burberry Sport Cologne. Oh I could just eat him up! It smells SO good!! The rest of it was just cute little things my Mom found on Pintrist and gave to me! My favorite was a card that said, "I'd love you if ever if you were so ugly that everyone died." So random, but so funny! (And true...) And guess what the guy got me!? JUSTIN BIEBER PERFUME!! Oh I smell like Heaven!! I love it!! I was telling my roommate the day before how I would never spend a lot of Money on perfume unless it was Justin Bieber's. And would you look at that!? He's awesome. I love him a lot. Except now whenever he gives me a hug he goes, "JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" That's cool. He also took me to see "Zorro the musical" at Hale Center Theater. GO SEE IT!! It's AWESOME!! Very talented dancers and singers and the stage work is amazing! Thanks Boyfriend! I sure love you!!


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  1. I love the face lift! It looks great! But I love you two more! You're so cute!!