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Saturday, March 3, 2012


My roommate Kirsten is da shiz. Let me tell you why. Today was a very, very long day. We had scholarship day, which basically means a bunch of cute high school students come to UVU and interview to be in the leadership program. And guess who put the WHOLE ENTIRE THING together? That's right! My absolutely AMAZING roommate Kirsten! She did it all, and trust me, it was an awful lot! So we had to get up early this morning, and all day she had to deal with whiny high school and college students, but she just was so patient with them. I admire her for that. So tonight to celebrate we went to Victoria's Secret. It was wonderful. We didn't even buy anything. We just looked and put on some sample makeup. Then we went home and she ordered me so Avon makeup. (It's cheaper!) Then we watched "Sister Act" tonight. Oh what a WONDERFUL movie!! We were laughing so hard! Then I totally just had this dance moment in the kitchen during the credits and I was going CRAZY. It was honestly one of the best dance sessions I've ever had. Channing Tatum would have been so proud. And she was rolling around on the tile floor laughing! Guess who feels like a comedian? That's right, this girl. It really should be on film. Maybe I'll have her do that next time. Film my incredible dance moves. Then we were washing our faces and we turned on some ghetto Black Eyed Peas, and that was when all Hell broke lose! We were doing some sweet moves and it was just fun! College would definitely not be the same without this girl! In fact, over spring break we're going on a road trip together!! Woo hoo! Me, her and my dog Sophie. It's gonna be ffffffun!! She's the bestest friend EVER, and I feel as though I would have a lot less dance parties if she was not around. Oh, and I wouldn't think I have potential to be a comedian. I remember before I went to college my mom and I watched that movie, "The Roommate." Totally like 'pee my pants but don't even notice because I am so fetching scared' kind of movie. The reality hit me that I could potentially have a PSYCHOTIC roommate that not only steals my food off the shelf and takes my makeup, but rips out my non-exsistent belly button ring while I am in the shower and tries to kill my boyfriend to get back at me. Oh, did I mention she would kill a cat in our dryer? Ya. That could have been my life! But then I got Kirsten, who no, she does not steal my makeup, (I borrow hers), nor does she rip out belly button rings while I'm in the shower (She doesn't even come in while I'm showering. That could have been AWKWARD), I don't think she wants to touch my boyfriend because we are so funny together that she screams, and she can't even pretend to kill a spider, let alone put a kitten in the dryer. I have NOTHING to worry about. Despite the fact that she does none of the above, she does make delicous brownies, (appropriately yet inappropriately named orgasm brownies), orders me AVON makeup, and brings out this wild, wanna be black, side of me that not many people have the privellege of seeing. She's awesome, and I am very glad to have someone to wash my face with at night. She's a gem. :)


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  1. Katie!!! I don't think anyone has ever been so nice to me before! Thank you. Also, you should know that it is because you have been such a good friend, and I always feel so comfortable and at home around you! You are the best friend and greatest example I could have ever imagined in a roommate! So thank you, and here's to some of the greatest memories of our lives!