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Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's The Final Countdown!!!

I cannot believe I get married in 27 days! It is just a wild thought, that I still do not think will seem real until I am with my sweetheart in the temple! Some of the thoughts running through my head are:

* You are NOT old enough to get married. At 19 years old I should be packing my room back up to move back to school. Instead I'm packing up to move into the Grandparent's basement and enjoy the rest of eternity with Philip! Which I am completely OK with.

* How will I ever live without my cute Sophie dog? It would offend Phil if I said he's not my best friend, but Sophie comes in a close second to him. She just listens really well. :)

* It's going to take awhile to adjust to a new bed. My bed at home is a little too comfortable.

* School...School starts the Monday after I get married. STAY FOCUSED.


I won't lie though, this whole "marriage" thing is so dang exciting! I love the decorating, the invites, the dress, the suits, and my cute fiance. I do not love thank-you notes. Do not be offended if you do not receive one for awhile. They are coming. I promise. My favorite part of getting married is getting decorations and furniture for our apartment! It is going to be CUTE!! We got a great new dining room table for cheap, which we love! Our couch is comfortable, and I'm getting all sorts of cute kitchen supplies, bathroom decorations, and other fun stuff! It's fun to decorate my own house, and it's even more fun having a fiance who just tells me to do what I want! Thanks love!

In other news:

* My dear, sweet Joshy brother gets home on FRIDAY!!! You cannot imagine the happiness that is pulsing through my veins as I think about our reunion! He's such a goofball!

* I started working at Scheels. It's pretty good! I love working with responsible adults, having good supervisors, and being on a set schedule. It makes planning my week really easy to know I am going to work the same time every day. On the down side, we are doing all warehouse work, and it is NO fun! We count and price, count and price, count and price, for 8 hours a day. But guess what, this job has been one of the best blessings of my life, so I will suffer through thepricing and counting, and enjoy my time getting to know the people I work with!

* Watching the Olympics makes me really miss swimming. End of story.

Life is good. I'm trying to stay as positive as possible throughout this somewhat stressful time in my life! Phil is amazing. I admire how happy he stays! He puts up with my breakdowns over stress, my undecisiveness of a girl, and just my wild self! I adore this man. A. D. O. R. E. It'll be nice when I don't have to say goodbye to him anymore. Just goodnight! :)

I would also like to openly thank my family for putting up with me and supporting me so much through these past few months! I have the best family in the world, and I am so blessed to have them. Thanks for everything you guys do, and for being the greatest blessing in my life, and also my best friends! I love ya!


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