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Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Less Than 24 Hours...

Funny the Way It Is that growing up I would dislike my dear brother Joshua in every way, shape and form. We never got along. I threw a remote at his head for some unknown reason when we were about 8 years old, he gave me my first black eye by slamming a door in my face and the knob caught me just right, I scared him in the bathtub by reinacting scenes from "What Lies Beneath," he would...well...come to think of it, I now cannot think of anything else mean he did to me growing up! I was the bullying little sister, he was the bullied older brother, and now, after 2 years spent on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am finally being reunited with mybest friend, and older (not oldEST Matthew) brother. IT IS ABOUT TIME.

* In Less Than 24 Hours -  I will be driving to the airport, butterflies flying through my stomach and out my ears, trying to think of what to say to Josh when I first see him. Do I say anything? Do I koala bear him? Do I give him a high five and the "double guns?" Oh it's like deciding what to eat for dinner when you go out to eat and the waitress is standing patiently at the table and you are still staring at the menu....

* In Less Than 24 Hours - I will probably be koala bearing my older brother, and giving him a huge smoochie right on his Big Bird nose! Then we'll both laugh and he'll say, "OH LITTLE SISTER!!!" In his loud, but oh so wonderful Joshy voice.

* In Less Than 24 Hours - Josh will have the awkward, "I knew you in college and we were friends but now you're marrying my younger sister...and I even saw you two kiss on Skype and now I'm really weirded out by this whole situation," feeling towards Phil.

* In Less Than 24 Hours - Phil will be going through the same, "waitress standing at your table, you stare blankly and undecidedly at your menu" feeling while he is deciding what to say to Josh while Josh is feeling the, "I knew you in college and we were friends but now you're marrying my younger sister..." feeling. Oh. This is good. They'll probably just do some handshake-one-armed-bro-hug. Whatevs.

* In Less Than 24 Hours - The Thacker siblings will be reunited!! The World will not know what hit it!!!

* In Less Than 24 Hours - Sophie will be hiding under the bed because of the giant that just stepped foot into the house. Come to think of it, Jack and Lily probably will too. Josh is scary. Especially since Lily probably only remembers being thrown into the ceiling by him. On second thought, she doesn't remember. He threw her too hard.

* In Less Than 24 Hours - I will once again be known as "Chica," Matt will be known as "M-Thack," Mallory as "Malz," AJ as "Hajy," and Nikki as "Nik." Glorious.

* In Less Than 24 Hours - Michael Jackson will live again.

* In Less Than 24 hours - My best friend comes home. Midnight talks over kool-aid and bowls of cereal will resume. Advice on careers, family, and friends will be shared. The man who taught me the definition of charity will continue to be one of my greatest heroes and example. A positive, happy-go-lucky guy will be there for me IN PERSON instead of just over email, and best of all, I get my brother back. :) Let the adventure begin, right where we left off.


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