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Monday, March 4, 2013

Aaaaaaannnndddd We're Back!

Wait...I have a blog!?!?

I sorta forgot about this little cutie until I was bored at looking at Facebook and remembered I could blog stalk instead of Facebook stalk! Hooray for stalking! And we will move on..NOW.

Things are going well here in the Dunn household! Phil has started lacrosse and school and work and with my job and my obsession with the gym we never see each other, but it's cool! We always say we have Eternity to hang out...maybe. If we aren't busy creating other kingdoms. The nights we are home together we usually eat dinner on the couch and watch Duck Dynasty or Chopped, and then Phil locks himself in the office and does homework! It's the good life, and I would not trade it for anything! Except maybe a vacation to Hawaii or Disneyland...

Quick input...I'm watching Biggest Loser and it is makeover week and I just got shivers. Seriously, this show is inspiring. Sometimes I think I should gain weight just so I can meet Jillian and go on this show. "But sometimes I think I should do crystal meth and I'm like, "hmmmm, maybe not."

Like I mentioned earlier, I have an obsession with the gym. I would say it's unhealthy, but it's really not so it's ok. I bought some new running shoes at this cool place I work at called Scheels, and they are fabulous. I did not realize how bad I needed new running shoes until I put those on and I felt like an Olympian. My new goal is to run a half marathon by the end of the Summer, and I would eventually like to invest in a couple roadbikes for us so Phil and I can train together for a triathalon. Oh...cute couple activities. I have had to start small, and so far the most I have ran is 4 1/2 miles, but I am very proud of myself for that! I attend a sports cycling and kick boxing class twice a week, and I tell you, this gym thing is quite the way to de-stress! I just love it! I highly recommend it!

Phil and I went on a really fun date the other night! We went to the Mummy Exhibit up at the Leonardo in Salt Lake. Talk about some cool history! I think I will go into Egyptian studies and start studying mummies. Maybe not. Although that would be pretty cool! Phil liked the exhibit, but he did not like talking about it afterwards because it gave him the creeps! I loved it! I could talk about mummies all day! But then people would get bored and stop reading my blog. So I'll stop!

Two highlights of my summer. My Prince Philip surprised me with tickets to Tim McGraw. Maybe "surprised" is a relative term. I may have told him that I really wanted to go...and he could get tickets with our recent tax return. Then he texted me and said he did!!! Oh I am stoked! Also, Dave Matthews band is coming. He. Is. Coming.

End of Story.


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