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Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Some Rambling...

Sometimes I just have random thoughts during the day. I shall share them now.

- Do you ever see a commercial and wonder why it looks like it's from the 70's yet the product is a modern product? Why can't the company get rid of the grainy looking, lack of people dressed in something other than "mom jeans," weird announcer commercial?! It should not be too difficult.

- I love that there is already snow on the mountains. I LOVE WINTER!!! It is 10x easier to get warm in the winter than it is to cool down in the summer. Pulling the fall scentsy scents out, drinking hot coco, eating soup...oh I just love Fall! And my birthday is in 3 weeks! Hooray!

- I will be 21 in 3 weeks. I keep telling Phil we should go to Vegas, then I remember I would probably just drink root beer, see Celine Dion or Cirque De Solei, and go to bed by 10 pm. Quite the 21 year old party animal!

- Today at a primary program practice one of the sunbeams was licking the banister. I tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn't look at me!! Oh those sunbeams.

- I love criminal justice. I should not enjoy studying death investigations or learning how to write a police report as much as I do...but...I do!

- Phil is playing Lacrosse at UVU this semester which means we never see each other. It is great because I know he loves lacrosse and he is really enjoying playing for the school, but I think we see each other for about an hour every night. We just agreed we would hang out in the eternities.

- I have decided I need to take up a hobby. A hobby other than work. I'm thinking I will start taking up voice lessons again because I miss singing! I can't take up running because my shins will snap in half, I can't afford a road bike, I can maybe color in a coloring book, but I know I can sing, and I know I can get better at the piano as well! Genius! I just solved that issue.

- I love my husband. Even the hour I get to spend with him is awesome. He is incredibly supportive and understanding and still makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!

- Grandma is vaccuming right now upstairs...for the 2nd time today. I'm just surprised she is not in bed! (I is 6:30!!)

- That stupid mermaid show is on animal planet tonight. That thing gave me nightmares for days!! Why are mermaids so scary!? Why can't we all just agree they have red hair, sing into dingle hoppers, and talk to seaglulls, crabs and guppies!?

I could go on and on, but that would be boring. I do have a suggestion. Listen to "The Head and the Heart." They are the band that opened for Dave Matthews and are probably one of my new faves. Jack Johnson meets Dashboard Confessional meets...Jason Mrazish sort of stuff! Quite excellent indeed!


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