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Friday, September 6, 2013

Starting Up....Again...

Like I say every time I begin my blog....I need to be better at this. I will set a goal to update at least twice a month, and I think even that is pushing it!

It is indeed interesting how life can throw a curve ball. In high school I was the one who didn't want to get married till I was 25, I wanted to party with my friends forever, and maybe some day be a mom. Now I am happily married to my Prince Charming, (well...Prince Philip!) transferred to SLCC to pursue my cop dreams, and am STILL working at the swimming pool. On the plus side, I did get promoted to "head guard." Only took me 5 years, but I got it! Wahoo! I do look back on high school and miss it. A LOT! I miss my SBO and Madrigal Families. Those people are DA BOMB!! I miss the simple schedule of going to school at the same time every day, then maybe going to work for a couple hours, and on Friday and Saturdays just playing with my friends forever. But I gotta say, I would not trade the position I am in now for ANYTHING! I am very blessed to have two jobs, the opportunity to go to school, and a husband that works hard for us and makes me laugh every single day of my life. Anyways. Small little soap box moment, but I am good now!

Josh, Matt and I went to Dave Matthews. Dave. Freaking. Matthews. It was unreal. He even played "Funny the Way It Is" and I was like, "THIS IS THE NAME OF MY BLOG!!!!" That band is talented to say the least. What a fun night with my brothers! Matt cried when #41 played, Josh was going cray cray during Cornbread, and I almost fainted when he played Halloween. Look those songs up, you will not be disappointed. The thing I like about Dave concerts is how chill the fans are. Now whether that is from the pot in their system or just the fact that they are chill people....doesn't matter! Unlike country concerts, you do not see a lot of people getting wasted, you just smell the pot in the air! (And it kinda smells good.) They are  fun concerts with good people that half the time you end up making friends with by the end of the night!

After the concert we walked back to Josh's car and discovered his window smashed in and his backpack taken. Being the awesome Josh he is, he was more concerned about the fact that the criminals took his Subway sandwich that was in his backpack and was not too terribly concerned over his $1500 computer. "I am just so HANGRY!" - Josh Thacker. Well....this man named Boyd Tinsley, only the greatest violinist to ever grace the planet does fan meet and greets after shows, and he tweets out where he will be and you can go meet him. So we are anxiously waiting for the cops to show up so we can go meet Boyd at the wal-mart parking lot! Matt tweeted Boyd and said something like, "Hey, my brother's car got broken into, we will be there as soon as we can." and BOYD TWEETED BACK and said, "Sorry to hear that, I will be here when you get here!" HE WAITED FOR US!!! An hour later, we finally got to go meet Boyd Tinsley. He gives the longest, border-line awkward hugs I have ever received, and surprisingly only smells like leather...not pot. Josh touched his dreds, I touched his huge biceps and we got plenty of pictures. After Josh's long first hug with him, Matt said, "Boyd this is the kid that got his car broken into, and Boyd goes, "Well that F****** sucks man, come here!!" And gives him another 2 minute hug!!! Josh was LOVING IT! He had his head on Boyd's shoulder with his eyes closed....precious. After all of our hugs we asked if we could have a picture together since we are all siblings, and he said, "Well SH** that is F****** awesome, YA!" and we all got a picture. Lovely man! We have decided that we will follow Dave around on his next tour.

I think I will finish with a tidbit about police officers. Today was the funeral for Draper Sgt. Derek Johnson and I was able to watch it on TV. First of all, what a great funeral! I mean...great is kind of a relative term when it comes to funerals, but it was really good. People said great things about him and really focused on what a great life he lived, rather than the tragic way it ended. It breaks my heart that there are people in this world who just want to kill police officers. I think about my dad and wonder why someone would ever want to hurt someone like him. He is one of the most selfless, kind, funny people I know, and a uniform does not change that. I see him in his uniform and I am proud that he serves our community and risks his life for people he does not know. He is the reason I want to be a cop! Maybe someday I will be as respected as he is for all he has done. I think I will make a bumper sticker that says, "Have you hugged a cop today." What great people they are. Every traffic stop, building search, and now even driving in their car is potentially dangerous, yet they do it, and will continue to do it even after a tragedy like this. I love police officers. Maybe I am biased, but I seriously think they are awesome. THANK YOU for your service to our community. No one asked them to serve us. They just do it because they can. (And maybe to carry a gun and drive a cool car.)

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  1. Love your post! You are a natural writer, you should write for the newspapers. Loved hearing about your big adventures.