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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I think I need a garden.

I love vegetables. And herbs. They are probably two of my most favorite things on this planet. But one thing I do not love about vegetables and herbs is their PRICE! I will go to the grocery store and just when I think I spent under my budget, the cashier will ring up all my produce. Ouch...

So I've decided that I need a garden! And it would not even have to be that full! My main requirements would be bell peppers, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, perhaps carrots, and I'll say it, tomatoes. For my herb garden I would want basil, cilantro and Italian parsley. I thought I would try growing herbs on my window sill, then I remembered we live in a basement where the sun only shines 10 minutes out of the day. So until we have a home, my garden dream will just have to wait.

On a happy note, I made my first ever homemade spaghetti sauce. Holy crap it was good! Roasted garlic, tomato and pepper sauce! It made the house smell like heaven was healthy! All vegetables blended up and served over whole wheat pasta? Ok, if I have to. I gotta give props to Rachael Ray. I feel like we are pasta sisters. The recipe can be found here! It sounds kind of intimidating at first, but it actually was really easy, so don't be scared. Trust me. Try new things.

A few other random thoughts.

*I took the entrance exam for the police academy! Is this real life!? I might actually really be a cop one day! I am slightly concerned for the physical test. I am a tad bit short on my verticle jump! So I've been gettin' my legs swol. No failure here!!

*Can you believe this weather!? I LOVE IT!! I've never been a HUGE fan of summer. I enjoy aspects of it, but in the end when it's hot outside you can only take off so many layers of clothes!

*I miss my Indian kids. And the teens. And YMAD. And Lisa, Tracey, Raj, Natalie, Tim, Chad, Daniel...EVERYONE! I just miss it all. Including eating messy dumplings.

*I have forgotten how hard it is being a full time student. I haven't been full time in almost two years! I feel like all my classes end up mushing together and my brain gets confused. Luckily 3 of them are criminal justice classes so it's ok if the information mushes. But I love going to school! Yay!

That is all for now! (At least I posted sooner than 3 months later, right??)


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  1. Oh my goodness Katie! I am totally with you on the price of produce and health foods. So expensive, but so worth it, right? Police girl!? Look at you, that is awesome! Such a cool field to go into- I am jealous.
    School is the best! (never thought i'd say that) But it really gives you something to do and you can never learn to much. Keep up the work!