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Monday, July 7, 2014

You and Me, We's like Peas and Carrots

I just like when Phil says that to me in his Forest Gump voice. He is so dang cute! Tonight we went and got Arctic Circle shakes. They're out of peach. :( I guess raspberry will have to do!

I love my job! I started teaching swim lessons again and the kids are just hilarious! Since I got released from primary I have missed spending (a little bit) of quality time with littles. I have one little boy in one of my classes and I think I need to take him home with me! His name is Jay and he is 4. Jay can do everything because, "Katie, I'm 4, and I can do it myself because I'm brave." It's a motto I think I will start to live by. I can do anything, "because I'm brave." Then he wanted to back flips off my stomach. No big deal.

I am testing with my first police agency in two weeks! I'm kinda freaking out, but it will be fun! The physical test is not as hard as I thought it would be, but it never hurts to over-prepare. I'm trying to bulk up, and it's just not working! It's like eating is a chore! I don't want to eat all the tuna and chicken and protein bars I should eat, but...if I want to look like I might be able to hold my own out there, I better just suck it up and keep eating. Blah...

I'm finally getting summer time tan lines. Flip flop, swim suit, guard shorts, sunglasses. It is AWESOME.

We made chicken and teriyaki stir fry for dinner. I wish I would have taken a picture because it was absolutely beautiful! And healthy! Gotta love when veggies and chicken go on sale.

I think that's all my excitement for the week. I have just been working and trying to keep my grades up! Life is good folks.


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  1. Love kids! They are hilarious and such a boost in every way! I had no idea you were going to be a cop till I was talking to Landon and he told me- how freakin neat! Way to stick to your dreams.
    Keep blogging! (: