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Monday, July 28, 2014

I can never think of a good title...

Summer time is fun. And hot. I can't decide if I like it or not! Just when I think I do, I walk outside and immediately start sweating and it's gross. I can only take off so many layers of clothing to cool off! I would say I'm having the time of my life working outside, but alas, I do such a good job inside that I have only worked outside about 3 times. Oh well. Gotta celebrate the little wins - like when I get to go outside to pick up the employee log for the day.

I tested with the Sandy Police Department! What a fun experience! I was really worried about the physical test, but I won't lie...I kicked it in the trash!! The oral interview was a good learning experience, and it was nice having my dad that could talk to the people I interviewed with to find out ways I could improve. I did good, but not quite good enough to move on to the next phase of testing. That's ok! I'm proud of how I did, and I'm excited to apply at other agencies now that I know I won't pee my pants when I have to jump 15 inches off the ground. (Among other bodily functions that happen when I exercise. That's enough.)

We tried a DELICIOUS new recipe. It was one that when I took a bite I said, "Wow Katie, you have outdone yourself!!" Oh nom nom. Bacon and cheese manicotti? Ok. If I have to.
Look at that cheesy deliciousness. And it is so easy!! Thank you Giada! (The recipe can be found HERE!

While I was waiting for the manicotti to bake, I cleaned my EVOO holders. (That would be EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Rachael Ray reference.) Rub a dub dub, EVOO holders in the tub! They were so cute in there.

When I just uploaded this pictures, I realized I didn't upload a few from our last trip to Disneyland. have a glance!
I think these are two of my favorite boys. Hyrum LOVES Phil!! They are two peas in a pod! And I think they ate half that bowl of grapes that night.

Selfie with Jessie!!

Lily's face...Classic.

Hyrum had a major creepy eye going on!! I wish this picture did it justice.

This is the precise moment their lives were forever scarred. 

These kids were too fun!!

We went to the David Cook concert on Saturday. Here's a fact about my relationship with my husband. I like to leave certain passions of mine out of our relationship until the last possible minute. I don't want to scare him off with how much I love certain things! For example, dogs. I. LOVE. DOGS. So much. The more dog kisses, the better! I read a book about dogs like I read the scriptures. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the dog show is on. I's bad. Anyways. David Cook happens to be one of these obsessions of mine. I have loved him ever since he was on American Idol and sang "Always be my Baby." Youtube it. It will change your life, I promise. Who knew a Mariah Carey song could be so good!? I LOVE HIM!!! And apparently the fact that I knew the words to every song and what CD it was off of just made me an ultimate nerd! I just like to call myself a fan, but whatevs. I've been to three of his concerts now, and he never disappoints!
Can you say cutie patootie!? I can. Cutie patootie!!

 Dave, (Yes, we are on a nickname basis.) kept talking about "Archie" and how he needs to come entertain the crowd, and WA BAM!! Out comes David Archuleta and serenades us! Dave even sang backup! was a moment. I think I cried. Actually, I know I cried.

Look how cute they are together!! They should tour together. I've never really been a big Archuleta fan, but he actually really impressed me!! That kid can SING!! I don't think he has ever sung a bad note in his life. Very, very talented. I bet he prays before he sings. 

Funny story. The last David Cook concert I went to, I met President Uchtdorf. Yes. The Silver Fox. I was really torn because as I was waiting for President Uchtdorf, I was standing about 10 feet from cute David's dressing room door. I felt like Olaf on Frozen. "Just knock...knock...why isn't she knocking?" WHY WASN'T I KNOCKING!?! I asked the little security lady if I could, and she said, "Would you rather meet a Prophet of God, or a singer?" Really lady? You can't ask me that question when both are in the same area!! Not fair! I HIGHLY recommend everyone go to a David Cook concert. It might have been on of the best concerts I have been to! Some singers come to perform and they end up talking half the time! Which is great if you're funny like Dave Matthews or David Cook, (even though he didn't talk half the time) but I bought tickets to listen to the MUSIC!! SO PLAY IT!! And really sing. Don't lip sync. That's garbage. Why are you famous if you can't really sing? (COUGH..TAYLOR SWIFT...COUGH!!) Sorry. Sorry. I'm done. Rant over. David Cook is hot. Oh...did I just say that?

Look how cute we are? I love him. Even more than dogs and David Cook. I hope that makes him feel special. :)

That's all for now. Until next time.

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