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Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's seriously been since July?

I thought I was so up to date on my blogging, but considering I just checked and I have not blogged since July, I should probably pick up the slack! Sheesh! I suppose I'll just start with some highlights as to not make this post 100000000 pages long with all the excitement going on in our lives!

According to the last blog post, I had just tested with Sandy City Police Department. That was the first time I tested! I tested again in October, again, for the experience of testing so I could go to other agencies and test. But...good things happen, Heavenly Father knows what's best, and I still have a hard time believing it, but I was hired! I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Well your dad is the chief, of course you got hired!" But the nice thing about police testing, is it's just that...TESTING! I had to earn my spot by passing a physical test, a psychological test, a background, and interviews. The one thing I know my dad and I both agree on is that I had to earn my spot. I would not be rewarded for being his daughter, (Even though being his daughter is a great reward! Oh gag me cute!) so I know that I deserved being hired. Anyways! Rant over for that one.

So I started the police academy in January. I won't lie, that first week sucked. I hated getting up at 5 am, I hated the fact that my uniform shirts were about 15 sizes too big, I hated being there for 11 hours a day, and I hated the instructors. But after a couple weeks of adjusting to that schedule I have come to enjoy it! The physical training is hard. I attempted keeping track of how many push ups we were doing, but the one day we did 300 I just gave up on keeping track. I'm getting swol. The classroom work was pretty brutal because most days it was 10 hours a day of law classes. Which the law is important, don't get me wrong! I mean...I am a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER! But 10 hours a day of search and seizure was just....blah. Then throw beastiality, the 10 Amendments, and object rape into the blender and you just have a smoothie full of fun! Defensive tactics is a good time...until you get partnered up with guy who goes all out, 100% and slams you into the ground to the point that you can't breathe...and then it's not fun anymore. (I never partnered with him again.) Phil is hating it because I come home and practice all sorts of fun wrist locks and take downs on him. It's awesome being able to throw him around!

I am now in the second block, which is the official law enforcement officer block. We start firearms on Monday. I'm nervous. SO SO NERVOUS! Growing up my dad always said, "Don't play with guns! Don't touch guns! EVER!" And then we would see pictures of people with their heads blown off and I knew never to touch guns. Now I'm not only touching them, but I am carrying one on my hip! And have the possibility of using it! After practice I know I will be more comfortable with it. It's like...hmmm...what is it like? Maybe like the first time girls wear a bra. It is terribly uncomfortable at first, but after awhile you stop noticing...and eventually don't want to go anywhere without it! But I know at the end of a long work day, I won't mind taking it off. ;)

Going through the academy has really helped me gain more of an appreciation for law enforcement. Growing up with a dad in law enforcement, I thought I knew what I was getting into. But now going through the training, watching videos of officers getting killed, and seeing the dangers that are really out there, I am grateful for all those who decide to serve our communities. It truly is an admirable profession, but I don't consider myself "admirable" by any means. I just didn't want a job where I had to sit at a desk all day! I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and protect my community.

In other news, Phil is still an accountant, being smart as ever and working his bum off. He coaches UVU lacrosse in the evenings and is now a Sunday school teacher for the youth in our ward. He's such a stud muffin! We don't see each other a whole lot, as I am gone by 6:15 every morning and in bed asleep by the time he gets home at night, but I am grateful for our hectic schedules because it means we are working hard to become successful. I am very grateful for a husband who let's me follow this crazy dream of mine and become a cop! He was very excited the other day when I brought my gun home. Now all the sudden I am real cool! :)

Life is good. Throughout this journey of the academy I have become so much closer to my Heavenly Father. This life can be so hard. We have experiences that make us want to quit. Then the little miracles come that remind us that someone else is in charge and knows what we are going through and not only knows it, but allows it, and will comfort us through it if we ask. I have been amazed by the tender mercies I have noticed. Anything from a text from my Grandma saying she is praying for me to getting a good nights sleep when I was beyond stressed. A goal I set at the beginning of this year is to spread more good on social media. So I think I will link a conference talk at the end of each of my posts. Read it! This talk is one I listened to the other morning while I was getting ready. Elder Nelson is a stud.

That's all for now!


We went to Reno in...well honestly I don't remember when. Maybe October? So here are some photos from that trip! And just a few other shenanigans.

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  1. I am so happy you blogged! Way to go on all your accomplishments Katie! I love how you compared carrying a gun to wearing a bra. So true about taking if off at night! I am with ya! haha! I think it's so awesome that you can throw Phil around. I mean come on! You are the tiniest! Anyway, I hope to see you blogging again soon, I enjoy your "rants", stories, and inspiration! Thank you!